Hi! I'm Alomgir Hossain

Full-stack engineer, Food Entrepreneur, and Aeronautical Engineer

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Vanguard Farms

Vanguard Farms is an e-commerce site built for a client who owns their own farm! It has a customer management system backend to manage all sales, products, and orders. This site also incoporates Venmo and Paypal as their payment portals.

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Chai-Yo Snax

Chai-Yo Snax is a website I built for my personal online snack business. It is built with HTML, CSS, OpenCart and Bootstrap.

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Amazon Clone

This Amazon clone was built to improve my knowledge with React.js while attending a 5-day online crash course. In this clone a customer could sign-up, log in, log out, add to cart, and make a purchase. Stripe is used to handle the payment process.

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MKTG-Tools was built for a startup that my friend and I have started. It caters to anyone looking to add digital marketing services to their already existing web services. It was built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and OpenCart.

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